brown-plumages with scalloped back; black chin, lores (Zoo; 2008-11-30)

Sociable Weaver
Philetairus socius

Native Range: Africa

Notes: highly social; more than 100 birds may work together to build a large compound (multi-chambered) community nest that is among the most impressive structures built by any avian species; each chamber hosts its own mated pair with nestlings; very common within its range but confined to the northwestsern part of the southern African continent, especially in the Kalahari region; some large birds such as owls and vultures may use this weaver's nest as a platform to build their own nests; other birds such as falcons may also use the nest commensally, and still other bird species such as finches also use the nest for nesting or roosting; nestlings may be heavily depredated by predators such as snakes.

pale-colored conical bill; no sexual dimorphism (Zoo; 2008-11-30)