high-ranking adult male (Arizona, USA; 2006-05-25)

House Sparrow
Passer domesticus

Native Range: Eurasia, Oriental Region, and Africa

Notes: widely introduced outside its native range; entered the USA in 1850 and has since spread continent-wide and already evolved to conform with 'Bergmann's rule' with birds at higher latitudes averaging larger than their counterparts farther south; usually found in close association with humans, both in farmlands and cities; nests in cavities, either natural or man-made; amount of black on male's throat and breast is a good indicator of his social status within a flock; populations in Great Britain are in serious recent decline for unknown reasons.

lower ranking male (California, USA; 2007-08-19)

gray crown, chestnut nape and shoulder (California, USA; 2007-08-19)

female; brownish overall, conical bill (Arizona, USA; 2006-05-27)

female brownish and lacks male coloration (California, USA; 2007-02-04)

adult pair (California, USA; 2009-07-05)

egg that fell from nest (California, USA; 2009-04-05)

male (South Africa; 2007-06-30)

female posing for a portrait (Finland; 2008-09-10)

frontal view of female (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

dorsal view of female (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

high-ranking male (Hawaii, USA; 2007--4-01)

female with food in her bill (Hawaii, USA; 2007--4-01)