adult; no sexual dimorphism (California, USA; 2006-09-10)

Orange-crowned Warbler
Vermivora celata

Native Range: North America

Notes: a common but drab warbler mostly greenish-yellow underneath and only light streaking; grayer on the back; one of the best field marks is actually its thin pointy bill; in nonbreeding plumage, very similar to nonbreeding Tennessee Warbler.

drab greenish-yellow overall (California, USA; 2010-04-18)

can be drab grayish-green too (California, USA; 2006-09-10)

showing usually hidden spot of orange on cap (California, USA; 2009-06-28)

underparts faintly streaked; thin sharp bill (California, USA; 2007-03-18)

taking a drink; a rather bright specimen (California, USA; 2007-09-30)

posing for a portrait (California, USA; 2006-10-08)