adult male; Halloween colors (Michigan, USA; 2010-09-01)

American Redstart
Setophaga ruticilla

Native Range: North America

Notes: unique feeding behavior and bright Halloween plumage help to identify this common warbler of broadleaf and mixed forests; actively flits about the understory, often spreading its tail into a fan and generally behaving rather butterfly-like; striking sexual dimorphism in plumage.

black breast contrasts with white belly (Michigan, USA; 2010-09-01)

orange patches on wing, tail, and shoulder (Michigan, USA; 2010-09-01)

adult female has grey where male has black... (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-24)

and female has yellow where male has orange (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-16)

adult female or perhaps a juvenile male (Florida, USA; 2011-10-22)

adult male nicely framed by spruce boughs (Michigan, USA; 2010-09-01)