adult; no sexual dimorphism (Mexico; 2011-03-14)

Louisiana Waterthrush
Seiurus motacilla

Native Range: North America

Notes: closely related to Northern Waterthrush, from which it is distinguished by whiter supercilium and other details of song and plumage; like the Northern Waterthrush, this warbler is found along streams where it walks and feeds at water's edge while constantly bobbing its tail as if doing a jig; indeed, this jig is one of the best field marks for both waterthrush species.

olive-brown above, streaked with brown below (Mexico; 2011-03-14)

bold white supercilium; long pinkish legs(Mexico; 2011-03-14)

ventral view; constantly doing a jig (Mexico; 2011-03-14)

relatively large bill; unspotted white throat (Mexico; 2011-03-14)

creamy white underparts behind streaking (Mexico; 2011-03-14)

buffy rear flanks; almost always found along a stream (Mexico; 2011-03-14)