adult; no sexual dimorphism (Illinois, USA; 2008-04-25)

Seiurus aurocapilla

Native Range: North America

Notes: a mostly ground-dwelling warbler that gets its name from the oven-shaped nest that it builds of grasses on or near the ground; walks or flits in low vegetation with a pert attitude, as judged by its oft-cocked tail.

orange on crown bordered by black lines (Illinois, USA; 2008-04-25)

dorsal view; uniform olive upperparts (Illinois, USA; 2008-04-25)

heavily streak-spotted below; pale legs (Florida, USA; 2011-10-21)

buffy eye-ring; pale lower mandible (Florida, USA; 2011-10-21)

facing left (Michigan, USA; 2012-08-24)

frontal view (Michigan, USA; 2012-08-24)

facing right (Michigan, USA; 2012-08-24)