breeding male; black throat, white belly (Michigan, USA; 2008-08-09)

Black-throated-green Warbler
Dendroica virens

Native Range: North America

Notes: closely related eastern counterpart to Townsend's Warbler and Hermit Warbler of western North America; nests in coniferous woods; song a buzzy zoo-zee-zoo-zoo-zeet, with the pitch of the five successive notes being low-high-low-low-medium; slighty smaller than most other Dendroica warblers.

female; white throat and belly (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-22)

greenish crown and back; white wingbars (Michigan, USA; 2008-08-09)

male; bright yellow face; black throat, sides (Michigan, USA; 2008-08-09)

male posing for portrait (Michigan, USA; 2008-08-09)