bold head and throat pattern; olive-yellow back (Luxembourg; 2007-10-21)

Great Tit
Parus major

Native Range: Eurasia and Oriental Region

Notes: tits are Eurasian counterparts and genetic relatives of North America's chickadees; this species is a relatively large and familiar tit of parks and gardens throughout its range; no sexual dimorphism.

yellow underparts with vertical black stripe (Luxembourg; 2007-10-21)

dark tail; white markings on dark wings (Luxembourg; 2007-10-21)

one prominent wingbar (Luxembourg; 2007-10-21)

white face contrasts with black hood (Luxembourg; 2007-10-21)

sub-conical titmouse-type bill (Luxembourg; 2007-10-21)

showing yellow underparts with black stripe (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-12)

white face patch surrounded by black (Poland; 2012-06-03)

dorsal view (Poland; 2012-06-03)

ventral view (Poland; 2012-06-03)