blue crown; white-and-black face; one wingbar (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

Blue Tit
Cyanistes humilis

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a small, tame, and familiar tit of woodlands, parks, and gardens across Europe and beyond; no sexual dimorphism.

frontal view; yellow undeparts; black chin, nape (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

dorsal view; olive back; blue on wings and tail (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

being posed for a portrait (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

dorsal view (Poland; 2012-05-26)

posing for a portrait (Poland; 2012-05-26)

side view (Poland; 2012-05-26)

frontal view (Poland; 2012-05-26)

individuals are often very tame (Poland; 2012-05-26)