prominent crest; no sexual dimorphism (Ohio, USA; 2010-02-11)

Tufted Titmouse
Baeolophus bicolor

Native Range: North America

Notes: the common titmouse of the eastern USA, found in woodlands throughout the region; often forms mixed flocks in winter with chickadees and other small songbirds; nests in tree cavities.

large black eye; gray above, lighter below (Georgia, USA; 2009-05-11)

distinctively-shaped chisel-like bill (Georgia, USA; 2009-05-11)

highly inquisitive (Georgia, USA; 2008-10-18)

huddling in snow (Ohio, USA; 2010-02-11)

playing peek-a-boo (Georgia, USA; 2009-05-12)

posing for portrait in snowstorm (Ohio, USA; 2010-02-11)