male; bright red facial patch; yellowish underparts (Australia; 2006-07-08)

Green Figbird
Sphecotheres viridis

Native Range: Australia

Notes: a strongly sexually dimorphic species found in parks and along the edges of tropical rainforests in eastern and northern Australia; occurs in small flocks; shows direct but undulating flight; the family name (Oriolidae) to which this species belongs can be confusing because figbirds and other Old World Orioles, although closely related to one another, are unrelated to the New World orioles (which instead are in the blackbird family Icteridae).

red face and base of bill contrast with black head (Australia; 2006-07-08)

rather short and squared-off tail (Australia; 2006-07-08)

female or juvenile; heavily brown-streaked below (Australia; 2006-07-08)

female and juvenile differ sharply from adult male (Australia; 2006-07-08)