brown streaks on creamy throat and breast (Spain; 2006-06-06)

Spotted Flycatcher
Muscicapa striata

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a drab-brown Old World flycatcher with light streaks on the breast and head; sallies from a perch to catch insects on the wing.

brown streaks on crown also; brown upperparts (Spain; 2006-06-06)

wide flycatcher-type bill, yellow at the base, dark at tip (Spain; 2006-06-06)

posing for a portrait (Spain; 2006-06-06)

flying straight at the camera (Poland; 2012-06-03)

ventral view showing streaked breast (Poland; 2012-06-03)

side view showing streaked head (Poland; 2012-06-03)

another side view (Poland; 2012-06-03)