adult; no sexual dimorphism (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-18)

European Robin
Erithacus rubecula

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a familiar and beautiful bird of European parks and gardens; often perches absolutely motionless until quickly moving to a new spot and then freezing motionless again.

rufous breast and face; white belly (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-18)

dorsal view; brown upperparts (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-18)

grey flanks; sits absolutely motionless (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-18)

white undertail coverts (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-18)

quite tame and friendly (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-18)

posing for a side portrait (Luxembourg ; 2007-10-16)

posing for a frontal portrait (Luxembourg ; 2007-10-16)

posing for a dorsal portrait (Luxembourg ; 2007-10-16)

posing for a head portrait (Luxembourg ; 2007-10-16)