white face; black crown and throat; long dark tail (Norway; 2009-05-27)

White Wagtail
Motacilla alba

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: wagtails get their name from the fact that they constantly jig their body and wag their tail as they walk across the ground in search of tidbits of food; a common and familiar inhabitant of parks, gardens, and urban as well as suburban areas.

grey back; white wingbars and stripes on primaries (Norway; 2009-05-27)

posterior view; white outer tail feathers (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-12)

doing its jig (Norway; 2009-05-27)

posing for a portrait (Norway; 2009-05-27)

posing for a body portrait (Poland; 2012-05-29)

frontal view (Poland; 2012-05-29)

side view (Poland; 2012-05-29)

posing for a head portrait (Poland; 2012-05-29)