male; blue on face and bill; black crown, lower nape (Australia; 2006-07-04)

Blue-faced Honeyeater
Entomyzon cyanotis

Native Range: Australia

Notes: this large and distinctive honeyeater shows interesting sexual dimorphism in which the male's face and base of bill are blue whereas the female's face and base of bill are greenish-yellow; several geographical races exist in eastern and northern Australia.

white underparts; olive-yellow upperparts (Australia; 2006-07-04)

quite large in body size (ca 25 cm) for a honeyeater (Australia; 2006-07-04)

blue patch on the male's face is encircled by black (Australia; 2006-07-04)

blue color is also on the base of the bill (Australia; 2006-07-04)

female; olive-yellow wherever the male is blue (Australia; 2006-07-04)

frontal close-up of female (Australia; 2006-07-04)

male posing for a portrait; note the olive-yellow back (Zoo; 2012-09-19)