yellow outer tail; distinctive bill, facial pattern (Mexico; 2011-03-16)

Montezuma's Oropendola
Psarocolius montezuma

Native Range: Middle America

Notes: a resident of coastal Caribbean lowlands of Mexico and Central America; like other oropendola species nests in colonies, building nests that look like long hanging baskets dangling from outer tree limbs; presumably this nest design makes it difficult for predators to gain access to the eggs and nestlings.

mostly reddish-brown plumage(Panama; 2008-06-20)

white facial patch; two-toned bill (Panama; 2008-06-20)

dorsal view; reddish upperparts (Panama; 2008-06-20)

bright yellow on the tail (Panama; 2008-06-20)

flight silhouette (Panama; 2008-06-20)

a highly distinctive species (Mexico; 2011-03-16)