female in non-breeding plumage (California, USA; 2014-02-17)

Rusty Blackbird
Euphagus carolinus

Native Range: North America

Notes: The eastern counterpart of the western Brewer's Blackbird; males of both species are nearly solid black, but the female Rusty has a rustier plumage with scalloped margins on the wing feathers; female Rusty Blackbirds have yellow eyes, unlike the dark-eyed Brewer's Blackbird females.

side view; note the grey rump and tail (California, USA; 2014-02-17)
frontal view; note the light throat (California, USA; 2014-02-17)
dorsal view; note the whitish eyeline (California, USA; 2014-02-17) looking skyward; rusty margins on wing, back (California, USA; 2014-02-17)
walking left; light spotting on breast (California, USA; 2014-02-17) note the yellow eye (California, USA; 2014-02-17)
female posing for a photo (California, USA; 2014-02-17)