male in full breeding plumage (California, USA; 2009-05-10)

Red-winged Blackbird
Agelaius phoeniceus

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: perhaps the most abundant bird in North America, found continent-wide in marshes and fields; forms large flocks in winter ; pronounced sexual dimorphism.

first-year male; some streaks on back (California, USA; 2007-09-06)

female; drab, brown-streaked all over (California, USA; 2009-05-10)

female; light eyebrow stripe (California, USA; 2009-05-10)

female; pointed bill (Florida, USA; 2008-12-22)

male; red shoulder patch bordered by yellow California, USA; 2008-02-16)

flock of males (California, USA; 2007-02-03)

posing for portrait, despite rain (Oregon, USA; 2007-03-25)