recently fledged juvenile; white below; bluish above (Spain; 2006-06-12)

Common House Martin
Delichon urbicum

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a prominent white rump is this species' best field mark; a migratory bird that is common across Europe in summer, winters in Africa; builds a mud nest that it places beneath a bridge, the eave of a house, or a ledge; like most swallows, a highly aerial species that catches insects on the wing.

adults beside two nests; note the white rump (Spain; 2006-06-12)

mud nest with nestlings peeking out (Spain; 2006-06-12)

mud nest with an adult showing its white rump (Poland; 2012-06-01)

mud nest with adult pair; note the white rump patch (Poland; 2012-06-01)

mud nests (Poland; 2012-06-01)