rufous on wings, tail; whitish below; eye-stripe (south Brazil; 2007-11-14)

Yellow-chinned Spinetail
Certhiaxis cinnamomeus

Native Range: South America

Notes: nearly 250 species comprise this huge family of "ovenbirds" (Furnariidae) native to the Neotropical forests of South and Central America; the family name comes from the domed nests (resembling clay ovens) that many species build; most of the species are small and either drab-brown or rufous-brown in coloration; some speies are ecologically specialized whereas others are generalists that seem able to occupy a wide range of habitats; this species has a rather long and graduated tail; its common name can be misleading because the yellow patch on the chin (although diagnostic when visible) is small, not always evident in the field, and lacking altogewther in juveniles.

small sharp bill that is yellow below, dark above (south Brazil; 2007-11-14)

posing for a portrait; note facial pattern (south Brazil; 2007-11-14)