male; pink breast, face and flanks; grey crown (Portugal; 2006-05-31)

Common Chaffinch
Fringilla coelebs

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: generally the most common finch in Europe, found widely in woods, parks, gardens, towns, and suburbs.

male; large white patch on dark wing; grey nape (Norway; 2009-05-26)

male taking a bath; pinkish back; sharp conical bill (Norway; 2009-05-26)

dorsal view; black primaries and tail (Norway; 2009-05-26)

female; generally duller but retains white wing patch (Norway; 2009-05-26)

female after having taken a bath (Norway; 2009-05-26)

male; greenish rump patch; rufous back; grey head (Poland; 2012-05-26)

male singing (Poland; 2012-05-26)

male posing for a portrait (Poland; 2012-05-26)