adult male; red-pink on crown, throat, breast (California, USA; 2006-10-21)

House Finch
Carpodacus mexicanus

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: abundant in open woods and suburbs; similar in plumage to Purple Finch and other congeners, but told by slightly smaller size and several details of plumage; strong sexual dimorphism.

male; streaks on belly and along flanks (California, USA; 2008-08-18)

female; streaked-brown underneath (California, USA; 2006-03-14)

juvenile male, with just a hint of reddish face (California, USA; 2007-08-11)

female or juvenile showing conical bill (California, USA; 2007-10-28)

nest of mud and grass, here on a porch beam (California, USA; 2006-04-22)

adult male posing for a portrait (California, USA; 2009-07-05)

getting a drink (California, USA; 2011-11-25)
male posing (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)