wings and tail show yellow highlights (Colorado, USA; 2009-02-14)

Pine Siskin
Carduelis pinus

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: an inhabitant of open coniferous forests; conical bill is noticeably more slender and pointier than those of many other finches, giving this pugnacious species a fighting advantage at crowded bird feeders in winter.

ventral view; heavily streaked in brown (Colorado, USA; 2009-02-14)

dorsal view; more brown streaks, blotches (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-09)

little sexual dimorphism (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-09)

sharply pointed slender conical bill (Colorado, USA; 2009-02-14)

showing yellow in tail and wing Michigan, USA; 2007-08-09)

posing for a portrait (Colorado, USA; 2009-02-14)

flock feeding on the ground (Colorado, USA; 2009-02-14)