mostly olive-yellow plumage (Spain; 2006-06-10)

European Greenfinch
Carduelis chloris

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a large and common greenish-yellow finch; frequents villages and suburbs where it often makes its presence known by singing a high-pitched tsooeet from a prominent perch.

rather large conical bill (Spain; 2006-06-10)

a touch of black in the area of the lores and eye (Spain; 2006-06-10)

singing from a prominent perch; note the pale bill (Spain; 2006-06-10)

yellow patch on the primaries (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-17)

yellow also on the base of the tail feathers (Norway; 2007-05-13)

faint yellow eye-line above the darker lores (Norway; 2007-05-13)

several patches of yellow on an otherwise olive body (Norway; 2007-05-13)