male; orange cheek patch; red bill; grey crown (captive; 2012-02-23)

Zebra Finch
Taeniopygia guttata

Native Range: Australia

Notes: a common bird in the pet trade, but native to grasslands across central Australia and Indonesia; breeds oportunistically after heavy rains, which can be at any time of year; grass-hewn nests are placed in cavities, shrubs, low trees, or in almost any nook or cranny; modest sexual dimorphism.

black barring on throat; black patch on breast (captive; 2012-02-23)

frontal view; black-and-white facial markings (captive; 2012-02-23)

white spots on rufous flanks; white spots on black tail (2012-02-23)

orange legs; pale grey back and wings (captive; 2012-02-23)

posing for a portrait (captive; 2012-02-23)

puffing out its "cheeks" (captive; 2012-02-23)

dorsal view; note the artificial color-bands on leg (captive; 2012-02-23)

looking pretty (captive; 2012-02-23)

facing right with artificial leg bands (captive; 2012-02-23)

facing left with artificial leg bands (captive; 2012-02-23)

posing (captive; 2012-02-23)

still posing (captive; 2012-02-23)

female; note lack of orange on face and sides (captive; 2012-02-23)

female; lacks black on throat and breast (captive; 2012-02-23)

female frontal view; still has the conical red bill (captive; 2012-02-23)

female; still has the facial and tail markings(captive; 2012-02-23)