long decurved bill; rufous-brown upprparts (Panama; 2008-06-25)

Buff-throated Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus guttatus

Native Range: South America

Notes: a medium-sized woodcreeper with a noticeably decurved bill; like all woodcreepers, creeps along trunks and major limbs of trees.

scaly look to head (Panama; 2008-06-25)

scaly look to throat and breast also (Panama; 2008-06-25)

long still tail slightly rufous (Panama; 2008-06-25)

habiitually climbs up tree trunks (Panama; 2008-06-25)

bird in the hand shows rufous on wings, tail (Panama; 2008-06-25)

posing for a head portrait (Panama; 2008-06-25)