black moustache on light face; blue wing patch (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

Eurasian Jay
Garrulus glandarius

Native Range: Eurasia and Oriental Region

Notes: seen singly or in small parties in parks, orchards, and gardens; likes to eat acorns; undulating flight; hops on the ground; has a harsh scolding screech, as well as other notes; no sexual dimorphism.

white markings on black wings; black tail too (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)
otherwise mostly creamy-brown plumage (Luxembourg; 2007-10-16)

side view; light crown streaked in black (Poland; 2012-06-06)

dorsal view; creamy-brown back; black on wings, tail (Poland; 2012-06-06)

dorsal view; sturdy body, strong legs (Poland; 2012-06-06)