rather small body; mostly black; grey nape (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-06)

Western Jackdaw
Corvus monedula

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a small dark crow that in western Europe is a common inhabitant of towns and villages where it often roosts on housetops with chimneys; in wilder situations, found on open farmlands and rocky outcrops, sea coasts, and among castle ruins; nests in holes in trees, cliffs, and buildings.

traces of grey also on throat and underparts (Luxembourg; 2007-10-18)

pale white iris (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-06)

favors rooftops (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-06)

grey on nape and back of head (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-06)

found in urban and suburban settings (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-06)

also found in small flocks on rocky outcrops (Spain; 2006-06-06)

dorsal view (Poland; 2012-06-26)

often found in city parks (Poland; 2012-06-26)

posing for a portrait (Poland; 2012-06-26)

strutting his or her stuff (Poland; 2012-06-26)