breeding male; orange, black, and white (California, USA; 2007-05-06)

Black-headed Grosbeak
Pheuticus melanocephalus

Native Range: North America

Notes: a stocky, large-headed, large-billed bird of hardwood forests; strong sexual dimorphism; closely related to Rose-breasted Grosbeak and sometimes hybridizes with it where their ranges overlap in the central USA.

young male, dorsal view; less bold than adult (California, USA; 2006-05-06) female; much drabber plumage (California, USA; 2006-04-23)
female; pronounced eyestripe, facial pattern (California, USA; 2007-05-06) adult on stick nest (California, USA; 2009-06-21)
adult male in full breeding plumage (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27) frontal view (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)
side view (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27) dorsal view (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)
posing for a portrait; note the huge conical bill (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)