male; lazuli blue head, orange upper breast (California, USA; 2009-04-25)

Lazuli Bunting
Passerina amoena

Native Range: North America

Notes: in the USA, the western counterpart of the eastern Indigo Bunting; found in grassy or weedy open areas; strong sexual dimorphism with the female being mostly a drab buffy-tan.

white wing-bars, orange on sides (California, USA; 2009-04-25)

white belly, conical bill (California, USA; 2006-04-23)

molting male (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)

molting male (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)

small flock of males (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)

male at a feeder (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)

female; plain tan plumage all over; conical bill (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)

adult pair (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-27)