pink and grey plumage; big curved conical bill (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)

Cardinalis sinuatus

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: a cardinal of the deserts; closely resembes Northern Cardinal but has a different-shaped bill and also differs in details of plumage; confined to desert regions where it sometimes overlaps in range with the Northern Cardinal; modest sexual dimorphism with the male showing a red stripe down the throat and underparts which the female lacks.

pointed crest; some red on wings and face (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)

male, as told by red on the face and underparts (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)

male holdinf a meal-worm (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)

couple, with female on the right (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)

ventral view of male; bill often bright yellow (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)

male perched high in a bush (Arizona, USA; 2012-04-28)