grey head; greenish back; rufous underparts; pink legs (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

Grey-necked Wood Rail
Aramides cajanea

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a secretive chicken-sized bird with bright pink legs; escapes predators by running through reeds or brush; mostly nocturnal; feeds on crabs, seeds, insects, worms, and snails; voice a shreaking noise; no sexual dimorphism.

highly terrestrial (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

briefly glimpsed in the wild (Panama; 2008-06-13)

red iris plus pinkish eyering (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

dorsal view, looking right (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

picking up a yummy morsel (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

dorsal view, looking left (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

watching the zookeeper (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

a fast runner (Zoo; 2011-11-20)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2011-11-20)