fancy crested head; grey neck; white wing patch (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

Grey Crowned Crane
Balearica regulorum

Native Range: Africa

Notes: very similar to the Black Crowned Crane except that this species has a grey neck rather than a black neck; inhabits grasslands and savannahs of eastern Africa, generally further to the south and east than the Black Crowned Crane.

head portrait; red gular flap of skin; black and white face (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

with mouth wide open (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

long plumes on the lower neck feathers (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

checking out the sun (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

posing for a body portrait; long legs and neck (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

dorsal view in flight; note the rusty colored hindwing (Zoo; 2012-12-09)

alighting after a flight (pet show; 2013-04-20)