white leghorn, a popular large-sized breed (farm; 2011-12-20)

Domestic Chicken
Gallus gallus domesticus

Native Range: Oriental Region

Notes: the Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) of southeastern Asia , the wild ancestor of the Domestic Chicken, was first domesticated probably in India about 5000 year ago and it provided the genetic foundation of all domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) found around the world today; Domestic Chickens now exist as numerous breeds or races that have been selected for such features as high egg-laying ability, large breast size, and even ornamental or bizarre plumages; just a few examples of countless domestic breeds are pictured below.

note the fancy plumage on this breed (farm; 2011-12-20)

rooster crowing and acting cocky (farm; 2011-12-20)

showy red wattles or combs on the head (farm; 2011-12-20)

note the feathered toes on this colorful breed (farm; 2011-12-20)

this tail is still a reminder of Red Junglefowl ancestry (farm; 2011-12-20)

posing for a portrait (farm; 2011-12-20)

posing for a portrait (farm; 2011-12-20)

a particularly feathery breed (Zoo; 2012-09-30)