bald bluish head with reddish nape (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

Vulturine Guineafowl
Acryllium vulturinum

Native Range: Africa

Notes: a bizarrely beautiful bird of Somalia and adjoining regions of eastern Africa; occurs in small flocks in scrublands and savannas; no sexual dimorphism.

blue, black, and white streaks on anterior third of bird (Zoo; 2008-10-21)
dense spotting on middle third of bird, flanks, and tail (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

really quite spectacular plumage (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

some feathers on the neck extend as long plumes (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

frontal view (Zoo; 2012-09-19)

side view (Zoo; 2012-09-19)