large; long tail; mostly plain brown overall (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)

Plain Chachalaca
Ortalis vetula

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: in small groups in brushy woods, sometimes foraging on the ground and sometimes clamboring on tree branches; no sexual dimorphism; voice loud and raucous, often issued in a chorus by several birds.

frontal view; white under tail; buffy belly (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)

decurved chicken-like bill; red gular pouch (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)

two birds facing off (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)

foraging on the ground (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)

displaying on a tree branch (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)

posing for a portrait; note red gular skin patch (Texas, USA; 2006-04-06)