adult; yellowish head, breast, and underparts (Panama; 2008-06-22)

Yellow-headed Caracara
Milvago chimachima

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: this hawk is mostly a scavenger rather than a predator; inhabits savannas, swamps, and forest edges of Central America and northern portions of South America; no sexual dimorphism; very closely related to the Chimango Caracara which occurs further south in South America (although the two species do overlap in some intermediate geographic regions).

dark brown back and wings; dark barred tail (Panama; 2008-06-22)

juvenile; streaked on the throat, breast, and nape (Panama; 2008-06-22)

probably an older juvenile or young adult (Panama; 2008-06-22)

dorsal view (Panama; 2008-06-22)

eyeing the camerman (Panama; 2008-06-22)