adult; no sexual dimorpdism; red-brown plumage (Texas, USA; 2006-04-08)

Harris's Hawk
Parabuteo unicinctus

Native Range: North America and Latin America

Notes: a dark reddish-brown hawk that has the unusual habit of hunting its prey in pairs or trios, cooperatively.

note white tail coverts and tip of tail (Texas, USA; 2006-04-08)

yellow legs, feet, and base of bill (Texas, USA; 2006-04-08)

dorsal view; note the white tip of the tail (Mexico; 2011-03-16)

rufous shoulder, leggings; white undertail (Arizona Zoo, USA; 2012-04-28)

head-on view (Arizona Zoo, USA; 2012-04-28)

posing for a head portrait (Arizona Zoo, USA; 2012-04-28)