dark plumage; slightly forked tail (Spain; 2006-06-04)

Black Kite
Milvus migrans

Native Range: Eurasia, Africa, Oriental Region, and Australian Region

Notes: a geographically widespread, migratory, common, and gregarious kite, even frequenting towns and cities where it can be seen soaring overhead, often in groups; consistently twists its tail from side to side while in soaring flight; arguably the most common bird of prey of its size in the world.

flight silhouette, showing forked tail (Australia; 2006-06-20)

sometimes seen in groups (Luxemborg; 2007-10-16)

actually rather brown-bodied (Australia; 2006-06-20)

head-on view in flight (Poland; 2012-06-01)

searching for prey (Poland; 2012-06-01)

showing its widely forked tail (Poland; 2012-06-01)

soaring (Poland; 2012-06-01)

dorsal view (Poland; 2012-06-01)