adult male; bushy head feathers give a crested look (Panama; 2008-05-30)

Harpy Eagle
Harpia harpyja

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: one of the world's largest and fiercest raptors, with huge orange talons and an impressive beak; a forest dweller that specializes on monkeys as a main prey item.

immature female; black breast band; orange talons (Panama; 2008-05-30)

dorsal view; mostly dark brown uperparts (Panama; 2008-05-30)

ventral view; mostly white underparts (Panama; 2008-05-30)

barred tail (Panama; 2008-05-30)

absolutely massive body (Panama; 2008-05-30)

an endangered species being catively bred (Panama; 2008-05-30)