pale brown plumage; bare head; large bill (Spain; 2006-06-04)

Griffon Vulture
Gyps fulvus

Native Range: Eurasia and Africa

Notes: the only large pale-colored vulture; nests and roosts on cliff ledges; ranks higher than Egyptian Vultureat a carcass, but in turn is dominated by Cinereous Vulture.

ventral view; long broad wings; slotted primaries (Spain; 2006-06-04)

soars great distances in search of carrion (Spain; 2006-06-04)

dorsal view; note ruff of feathers around neck (Spain; 2006-06-04)

primaries and secondaries darker than back, forewing (Spain; 2006-06-04)

head is held lower than body in flight, with kinked neck (Spain; 2006-06-04)

pair of birds soaring (Spain; 2006-06-04)

four birds soaring together (Spain; 2006-06-04)

nine birds soaring together (Spain; 2006-06-04)

flock soaring above a mountaintop (Spain; 2006-06-04)

perched and flying from a rocky ledge (Spain; 2006-06-04)

stick nest (bordered by guano) on a rocky ledge (Spain; 2006-06-04)

close view in flight (Spain; 2006-06-04)