strongly hooked bill (California, USA; 2011-07-23)

Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo jamaicensis

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: a large, common buteo of open countryside and roadways; shows great geographic and age variation in plumage, ranging from light to rufous to dark (melanistic) specimens; diet consists mostly of mice and other small mammals.

light-colored phase; white breast; strong talons (Florida, USA; 2007-12-22)

light-colored phase; streaking on belly (Florida, USA; 2007-12-22)

adult; rufous tail (California, USA; 2009-05-15)

adult; no sexual dimorphism (California, USA; 2006-08-06)

rufous phase (California, USA; 2061-12-17)

slotting of primaries (California, USA; 2011-07-03)

dark or melanistic phase (California, USA; 2006-05-14)

melanistic-rufous bird (California, USA; 2009-02-05)

juvenile; barring on tail (California, USA; 2007-11-18)

juvenile; black patch on leading edge of wing (California, USA; 2007-11-18)

carrying a mouse (California, USA; 2011-04-23)

being harrassed by crows (California, USA; 2006-09-24)

sitting on its large nest of sticks (California, USA; 2011-04-16)

posing for a fierce portrait (California, USA; 2011-07-23)