black wing-tips and shoulder patches; heavily barred (Spain; 2006-06-04)

Common Buzzard
Buteo buteo

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: this buteo is highly variable in plumage, but typically shows much barring and streaking on the wings and tail as it soars overhead (see the pictures); inhabits forests and open areas with scattered woods.

classic buteo flight profile; broad wings and tail (Norway; 2008-09-07)

white patches near wing-tips (Norway; 2006-06-04)

yellow legs, feet, and base of bill; brown above (Luxembourg; 2007-10-22)

taking off; note dark leggings and belly (Luxembourg; 2007-10-22)

black wing-tips and shoulder patches (Luxembourg; 2007-10-22)

heavily barred wings and tail (Luxembourg; 2007-10-22)
dark belly band; light undertail coverts (Luxembourg; 2007-10-22)
banking on a thermal (Luxembourg; 2007-10-22)