light phase; helmeted look to head, white below (Florida, USA; 2011-10-22)

Short-tailed Hawk
Buteo brachyurus

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a small secretive buteo of forest canopies; hunts small birds primarily; comes in distinct light and dark color phases; a resident of Central America and South America but does reach south Florida and south Texas in the USA; tips of wings noticeably upswept when soaring.

wings longer, pointier than Broad-winged Hawk (Florida, USA; 2011-10-22)

two-toned wings with dark secondaries (Florida, USA; 2011-10-22)

dark or melanistic phase; (Florida, USA; 2011-10-22)

dark phase; weakly patterned tail (Florida, USA; 2011-10-22)