adult; large body and beak; tawny-brown plumage (Spain; 2006-06-10)

Spanish Imperial Eagle
Aquila adalberti

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: this threatened species is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula (especially central and southwestern Spain), with a population now numbering less than 500 adults; it is being intensively managed and bred in captivity in attempts to restore this magnificent species to regions from which it had been extirpated; preys on small and mid-sized animals such as rodents, hares, and crows; non-migratory; formerly considered a race of the Asian Imperial Eagle but recently raised to full-species status based on details of morphology, behavior, and molecular genetics.

huge talons; yellow cere and gape; beige leggings (Spain; 2006-06-10)

frontal view; rufous-brown underparts (Spain; 2006-06-10)

broad long wings held flat in flight (Spain; 2006-06-10)

down-covered chick in nest (Spain; 2006-06-10)

chick posing for a portrait (Spain; 2006-06-10)

older chick, starting to turn browner (Spain; 2006-06-10)

older chick posing for portrait (Spain; 2006-06-10)

two chicks; older one transitioning to brown plumage (Spain; 2006-06-10)

another view of a chick (Spain; 2006-06-10)

adult posing for a portrait (Spain; 2006-06-10)