bare red face; white leggings; bluish feet (Zoo; 2011-12-18)

Lappet-faced Vulture
Aegypius tracheliotus

Native Range: Africa

Notes: a large and large-billed carrion-feeding vulture of arid savannahs where it feeds on large animal carcasses; it uses its large beak to rip open a carcass, after which smaller vultures are able to join the feast.

dorsal view; dark-brown upperparts (Zoo; 2011-12-18)

side view (Zoo; 2011-12-18)

bluish base to otherwise dark bill (Zoo; 2011-12-18)

soars on broad wings; white line forewing line (South Africa; 2007-06-30)

assuming a stoic vulture pose (Zoo; 2011-12-18)

posing for a head portrait (Zoo; 2011-12-18)