long and strongly banded tail; decurved yellow bill (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

Guira Cuckoo
Guira guira

Native Range: South America

Notes: a social, arboreal, non-parasitic cuckoo of open and semi-open habitats of south-central regions of South America; eggs are incubated either in individual or community nests, with the latter holding as many as 20 eggs; in these communal nests, hatchling mortality can be high due to sibling competition.

dorsal view; darkd wings and upper surface of tail (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

ventral view; light breast streaking; yellow iris (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

head feathers give a crested look (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

neck and nape feathers give a dishelveled look (Brazil; 2007-11-09)