glossy black; long tail; distinctive bill with grooves (Panama; 2008-06-15)

Groove-billed Ani
Genus species

Native Range: Latin america

Notes: a close relative of the Smooth-billed Ani but with obvious grooves on a bill that is also without the knob on its culmen (upper midline) that the Smooth-billed Ani displays; common in open pastures and arid scrubby brushlands; usually seen in small groups.

ventral view(Panama; 2008-06-15)

dorsal view (Panama; 2008-06-15)

adult pair; no sexual dimorphism (Panama; 2008-06-15)

pair; note grooves on the large bill (Panama; 2008-06-15)

another dorsal view; note scaly neck feathers (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)

another ventral view (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)
note the lateral compression of the bill (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)
posing for a portrait, and showing grooves on bill (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)