long tail with flag tips; rufous head; black face patch (Panama; 2008-05-29)

Rufous Motmot
Beryphthengus martii

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: eats insects and lizards as well as many kinds of fruits; often sits still on a forest perch, slowly moving its tail like a quiet pendulum; the long tail is missing barbs for about one inch near its tip, thus giving the appearance of "flags" at the terminus of the tail; no sexual dimorphism.

ventral vie; rufous breast; turquoise belly; 2008-05-29)

dorsal view; greenish back and wings; bluish tail (Panama; 2008-05-29)

upper body shot; sharp and slightly decurved bill (Panama; 2008-05-29)

often perches nearly motionless (Panama; 2008-05-29)

often assumes a furtive posture (Panama; 2008-05-29)

slowly moves its tail from side to side (Panama; 2008-05-29)

hides well despite its bright colors (Panama; 2008-05-29)

a pair of specimens sitting close together (Panama; 2008-05-29)