white-and-scarlet throat; long decurved bill (South Africa; 2007-06-30)

White-fronted Bee-eater
Merops bullockoides

Native Range: Africa

Notes: crimson throat and white facial pattern help to diagnose this bee-eating species from east-central Africa; like other bee-eaters, individuals of this species often like to huddle tightly together on a branch before darting out periodically to catch, dee-stinger, and then eat flying bees.

black eye line; rufous breast and belly (South Africa; 2007-06-30)

green upperparts and wing; whitish forehead (South Africa; 2007-06-30)

four birds huddled together along a branch (South Africa; 2007-06-30)

rufous back of head (South Africa; 2007-06-30)